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Agenda Item 1.23 Update


According to Colin Thomas G3PSM, CEPT Coordinator for Agenda Item 1.23, WRC-12 delegates are progressing with what he calls a “compromise proposal” for an MF secondary allocation to the Amateur Radio Service. Agenda Item 1.23 calls for WRC-12 delegations to consider an allocation of about 15 kHz in parts of the band 415-526.5 kHz to the Amateur Service on a secondary basis, taking into account the need to protect existing services.

“Progress was made with a compromise proposal on Agenda Item 1.23, drafted to take into consideration the views of those for and those against an amateur service allocation around 500 kHz,” Thomas explained. “This proposal suggests a 7 kHz segment between 472-479 kHz, very close to the CEPT position of 472-480 kHz. Initial indications are that this could be acceptable to many administrations and regional organizations. However, various meetings need to take place to have these formally accepted. In order to tidy up the draft for the next meeting of the sub-working group, a weekend meeting of the drafting group will be held. At the time of writing [Saturday, January 28], the NOC (No Change) advocates steadfastly maintain their positions.”



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