Alaska and Tennessee Getting New Section Managers


Two new Section Managers have been declared elected in the just-concluded fall election cycle. Ballots for the Alaska and the Tennessee Section Manager elections were counted on November 19 at ARRL Headquarters. Eight incumbent Section Managers ran without opposition during this election cycle. All of terms of office start on January 1.

In a very close race in Alaska, David Stevens, KL7EB, received 98 votes, and his opponent, Lara Baker, AL2R, received 88 votes. Both are from Anchorage. Stevens served previously as Alaska’s SM, from 1984 until 1985; from 1998 until 1999, and from 2002 through 2007. Stevens takes over as Section Manager from Ray Hollenbeck, KL1IL, of Wasilla, who has led the Alaska Section for the past 4 years.

In Tennessee, David Thomas, KM4NYI, of Knoxville, outpolled Charles Talley, KJ4VKC, of Lyles, 557 to 417. An active member of the Radio Amateur Club of Knoxville, Thomas serves on the club’s Repeater Committee as a hands-on technician for the club’s repeater suite. He enjoys restoring tube-type ham gear, operating HF, 6 meters, and digital modes.

Thomas will be taking the reins of the Tennessee Field Organization from Keith Miller, N9DGK, of Rockvale, who decided not to run for a new term. Miller has served as Section Manager since 2012.

These incumbent Section Managers were the only candidates in their respective sections and have been declared elected. JVann Martin, W4JVM (Alabama); Bill Duveneck, KB3KYH (Delaware); Jim Siemons, W6LK (East Bay); Ron Cowan, KB0DTI (Kansas); Jim Kvochick, K8JK (Michigan); Bill Mader, K8TE (New Mexico); John Kitchens, NS6X (Santa Barbara), and Ray Lajoie, KB1LRL (Western Massachusetts).



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