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Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society Seeks New Leadership


The Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society (ARLHS), sponsor of Intercontinental Lightship-Lighthouse Week, is looking for a new leader. Jim Weidner, K2JXW, who founded the ARLHS in 2000, has resigned as owner and president, due to serious illness. The organization’s stated purpose is to promote public awareness of both ham radio and lighthouses, “preserving lights that are in danger of extinction, and paying tribute to the role that hams and lighthouse keepers have played in contributing to maritime safety.” Headquartered in New Jersey, the ARLHS has about 2000 dues-paying members.

“Anyone wishing to take over the membership list and trusteeship of club station W7QF is welcome to do so and is guaranteed our full cooperation in the transition,” said a solicitation distributed by Weidner on February 29.

“We intend to keep the ARLHS active until June 30, 2016, after which time we will terminate the web page, beaconbot, and all club activities, if no one is willing to assume ownership and leadership,” Weidner’s announcement said.

ARLHS sponsors the Intercontinental Lightship-Lighthouse Week, August 1-8, and National Lighthouse Day on August 7, with lighthouse and lightship Amateur Radio activations.

The new owner/president would have to assume fiscal responsibilities. For additional information, contact Weidner via e-mail or telephone, (856) 486-1755. 



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