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Amateur Radio Quiz: For Auld Acquaintance


By H. Ward Silver

Here at the end of the year, it’s customary to remember those who have gone before us. This quiz acknowledges events and individuals that shaped ham radio. For those of you who are new to the hobby, here are some great topics to research online and find out more about what makes ham radio tick. Young or old, newcomer or Old Timer -- happy holidays to all!

1) Stew Perry, W1BB, was best known for his exploits on what band?
a. 160 meters
b. 80 meters
c. 10 meters
d. 6 meters

2) Who made the first expedition to Clipperton Island, FO8AJ?
a. OH2BH
b. W1AW
c. W0DX
d. PY2RO

3) Which ARRL official came up with the idea of DXCC?
a. Hiram Percy Maxim
b. John Huntoon
c. Don Search
d. Clinton DeSoto

4) Which DXCC Manager took the program from its post-WWII form and brought the program into the modern era?
a. John Huntoon
b. Rod Newkirk
c. Bob White
d. Don Wallace

5) Gus Browning, W4BPD, made the first operation from what DXCC entity?
a. ZD8 (Ascension Island)
b. JD1/O (Ogasawara)
c. YA (Afghanistan)
d. 3Y/B (Bouvet Island)

6) At the close of World War I, which branch of the US military had control over the airwaves?
a. Navy
b. Marines
c. Air Force
d. Army

7) When the numbered US call districts were first instituted, how many there were?
a. 7
b. 8
c. 9
d. 10

8) Who invented the superheterodyne receiver?
a. de Forest
b. Armstrong
c. Sarnoff
d. Tesla

9) What was the ARRL HQ station’s call sign before W1AW?
a. W1AA
b. 1MK
c. 1AW
d. It was always W1AW.

10) What company made the D-104 dynamic microphone?
a. Astatic
b. Collins
c. Shure
d. Heil

11) Solar Cycle 19 -- the most active on record -- peaked in what year?
a. 1947
b. 1959
c. 1963
d. 1969

12) Clarence Moore, W9LZX, invented what popular antenna?
a. Windom
b. ZL-Special
c. Quad
d. Bobtail

Bonus: Name the French amateur on the European end of the first trans-Atlantic amateur QSO



1) a -- Stew was known as “Mr Top Band.” The Stew Perry Top Band Distance Challenge is named after him.

2) c -- Bob Denniston, past president of the ARRL (1966-1972) and who spent his last years as VP2VI.

3) d -- DeSoto came up with the idea of “geopolitical entities” in the 1930s

4) c -- W1CW is rightfully the father of the modern program and is a member of the CQ DX Hall of Fame.

5) d -- Bouvet Island, although there is speculation that he never actually landed on the island.

6) a -- The Navy didn’t want to give up control over the airwaves, either.

7) c -- The 10th district was created by splitting up the 9th, due to population growth.

8) b -- Edwin Armstrong also invented FM and negative feedback amplifiers

9) b -- The station was destroyed by flooding in 1936.

10) a -- The D-104 was the ne plus ultra of microphones for many years.

11) b -- Video buzz from BBC-1 was often heard in New England on 6 meters!

12) c -- Destructive corona discharge in the high, thin mountain air at HCJB in Quito, Ecuador necessitated an antenna element without ends!

Bonus: Leon Deloy, 8AB



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