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Amateur Radio Quiz: Hip, Hip, Hooray for the TLAs!


By H. Ward Silver, N0AX

You can’t hardly do anything in EmComm without encountering a TLA (Three Letter Acronym), or even ones with a few more letters and maybe, dare I hope, a hyphen -- be still my thundering heart. These are invaluable in saving time which is why they are so common -- but only if you know what all T of the L in the A mean! This cursory canter through the cacophony of capitals could check your cognitive communications capacity.

1) Who is the organizational leader of an ARES® team?
a. SM
b. OES
c. EC
d. OO

2) Who organizes OBS and ORS stations?
d. FCC

3) What does the T in NTS stand for?
a. Traffic
b. Transmission
c. Teletype
d. Telecommunications

4) What’s the Q signal for asking if a station has traffic?
a. QNI?
b. QTC?
c. QRS?
d. QSN?

5) If someone asked you to QSP a message, what are they asking for?
a. Break into a QSO
b. Leave a net
c. Relay a message
d. Repeat the message

6) Which propagation mode refers to high angle, low-frequency regional communication?
a. TE
b. Es
c. EME

7) Which form is most likely to be used at an EOC?
a. IRS 1040
b. ICS-213
c. W-9

8) What does the I in NIMS stand for?
a. Imergency
b. Immersion
c. Instance
d. Incident

9) What service does an NCS provide?
a. Net control
b. National communications
c. Nighttime coordination
d. Normal contacts

10) Put the following ARES positions in ascending order of responsibility:
a. SEC
b. DEC
c. AEC
d. EC

Bonus Question: In “Roger Wilco,” what does “Wilco” mean?



1) c -- the Emergency Coordinator
2) c -- The ARRL Field Organization manages the appointments in all 71 ARRL sections.
3) a -- The National Traffic System organizes the handling of messages -- called traffic -- by hams.
4) b
5) c
6) d -- NVIS stands for Near Vertical Incidence Skywave and refers to the use of high angle signals below the critical frequency being reflected over a wide region.
7) b -- The ICS-213 General Message Form is widely used.
8) d -- The National Incident Management System is the standard
organization employed for emergency response in the United States.

9) a – NCS stands for Net Control Station.
10) c, d, b, a: Assistant Emergency Coordinator, Emergency Coordinator, District Emergency Coordinator and Section Emergency Coordinator. A DEC is only required in areas with too many teams for a single SEC.

Bonus Answer: Wilco means “Will Comply” in response to receiving instructions. “Roger Wilco” means “Information received and understood -- will comply.”



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