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Amateur Radio Quiz: Stating the Obvious


1) Which state narrows to the smallest distance between two other states before widening again? Where does it do this?

2) Which of the contiguous 48 states extends farthest north?

3) What direction would you drive from Detroit, Michigan to get to the closest Canadian territory?

4) There are two states that have a portion only reachable by way of Canada if travelling by land. One is the answer to Question 2. What is the other state?

5) Which is the southernmost state?

6) Which state extends farthest from south to north?

7) Which state extends farthest from west to east?

8) What are the three Canadian DXCC entities?

9) Which four states meet at Four Corners?

10) Which state has a "thumb"?

11) Which state has a "boot heel"?

12) How many fifth-district states have "panhandles"?

13) If you are at a fixed station in the easternmost part of the easternmost Canadian province, what is your call sign's prefix?

14) How many US call sign districts are bordered by the Great Lakes? How many Canadian provinces?

15) Which is farthest west, the Northwest Territories, VE8, or the Yukon Territory, VY1?

Bonus Question: What state extends farthest to the south that also extends north of Canadian territory?






1) Maryland -- at Hancock, MD between West Virginia and Pennsylvania

2) Minnesota -- in the International Boundary Waters area

3) East or southeast to Windsor, Ontario

4) Minnesota (the Northwest Angle) and Washington -- Point Roberts is only reachable by land through British Columbia

5) Hawaii at 19 degrees North

6) Alaska spans approximately 40 degrees of latitude

7) Alaska again -- from the tip of the Aleutian Islands to British Columbia

8) Canada, St Paul Island (CY9) and Sable Island (CY0)

9) Utah, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado

10) Michigan

11) Missouri

12) Two -- Texas and Oklahoma

13) VO1 -- in Newfoundland

14) 5 US districts (2nd, 3rd [PA], 8th, 9th and 10th) and 1 Canadian district (Ontario)

15) Yukon Territory, VY1

Bonus - California! The northern boundary of California lies at 42 degrees North while the province of Ontario dips a toe into Lake Ontario just south of that line.

H. Ward Silver, N0AX
Contributing Editor



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