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Amateur Radio Quiz: The Year in Review


By H. Ward Silver, N0AX

What happened last year in Amateur Radio? Sometimes it’s easier to remember things from long ago than from the past 12 months. Here are some events gleaned from The ARRL Letter back issues that you may have read about. Do you remember?

1) January: Amateur Radio stepped up to help with international emergency communications from what natural disaster?
a. Chilean earthquake
b. Caribbean hurricane
c. Haitian earthquake
d. Russian wildfire

2) February: W6ZH passed away. Pete was the grandson of what US president?
a. Coolidge
b. Roosevelt
c. Wilson
d. Hoover

3) March: After lengthy negotiations, a Memorandum of Understanding between the ARRL and what other organization was finally signed?
a. The American Red Cross
b. ITU
d. FAA

4) April: What city terminated its once-touted BPL service as having turned out to be economically infeasible?
a. Cincinnati, Ohio
b. Manassas, Virginia
c. Liverpool, England
d. Winnipeg, Canada

5) May: The FCC released a Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) to change the amateur privileges in what band?
a. 70 cm
b. 6 meters
c. 20 meters
d. 60 meters

6) June: The opening of what weather season for which hams prepare all year long began on June 1?
a. Tornado
b. High temperature
c. Pogonip
d. Hurricane

7) July: What ARRL governance event takes place during this month?
a. Field Organization Annual Convention
b. NTS Governors Association
c. Board of Directors meeting
d. Section Manager training

8) August: What astronomical entity was named for the ARRL as announced in an August ARRL Letter?
a. Martian crater
b. Asteroid
c. Comet
d. Saturnian ring

9) September: In this month, a judge in New York declared that an Amateur Radio was not a _____________?
a. Illegal type of body piercing
b. Cell phone
c. Public nuisance
d. Gambling device

10) October: The DXCC program announced it recognized four new entities. From what entity or entities were they created?
a. Netherlands
b. Netherland Antilles
c. Dutch Surinam
d. Saint Bartholomew

11) November: The results of what major operating activity were published online ahead of their traditional print publication in the December issue of QST?
a. Field Day
b. ARRL International DX Contest
c. October SET
d. School Club Roundup

12) December: The FCC announced new rules for what license program?
a. Novice grandfathering
b. Experimental 500 kHz operation
c. Vanity and club call signs
d. 70 cm repeater operation

Bonus: What ARRL contest for new hams was initiated in 2010?

Answers (with a link to the applicable issue and its date)
January: c January 14
February: d February 11
March: a April 1
April: b April 8
May: d May 13
June: d June 3
July: c July 22
August: b August 5
September: b September 16
October: b October 14
November: a November 4
December: c December 16

Bonus Answer: The Rookie Roundup



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