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AMSAT Spells Out its GOLF Program Objectives


AMSAT says the aim of its developing “Greater Orbit, Larger Footprint” (GOLF) satellite program is to place amateur radio transponders in low-Earth orbit (LEO), medium-Earth orbit (MEO), and eventually high-Earth orbit (HEO).

“The goal of the GOLF program is to work by steps through a series of increasingly capable spacecraft to learn skills and systems for which we do not yet have any low-risk experience. Among these are active attitude control, deployable/steerable solar panels, radiation tolerance for commercial off-the-shelf components in higher orbits, and propulsion,” AMSAT explains. “The first step is to be one or more LEO satellites similar to the existing AO-91 and AO-92, but with technologies needed for higher orbits. With proven technologies, an interim high LEO or MEO satellite would follow on.”

AMSAT says the eventual goal is an HEO satellite similar to AO-10, AO-13, and AO-40, “but at a currently affordable cost combined with significantly enhanced capabilities, which, in turn, will allow the use of much less complex ground stations.”



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