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Annual 13 Colonies Event Gets Under Way on July 1


The annual 13 Colonies special event will begin on July 1 at 1300 UTC and conclude on July 8 at 0400 UTC. Stations representing the original 13 British colonies, plus two bonus stations, will be on the air with 1 × 1 call signs. The event sponsor stresses that participants do not need to work all 13 colony stations to obtain a certificate and do not need to work the two bonus stations for a clean sweep. All HF bands will be in play, with the exception of 60 meters, and simplex on 2 and 6 meters is encouraged. All modes of operation may be represented.

  • This year will mark the 12th occurrence of the event. Look for:
  • K2A, New York
  • K2B, Virginia
  • K2C, Rhode Island
  • K2D, Connecticut
  • K2E, Delaware
  • K2F, Maryland
  • K2G, Georgia
  • K2H, Massachusetts
  • K2I, New Jersey
  • K2J, North Carolina
  • K2K, New Hampshire
  • K2L, South Carolina
  • K2M, Pennsylvania.

Bonus station WM3PEN will be in Philadelphia (the call sign commemorates the Pennsylvania colony’s founder, William Penn). The other bonus station will be GB13COL in the UK.