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ARRL Announces KF2YN's ARRL Antenna Designer's Notebook


Radio amateurs are making true advances in the state of the art through antenna experimentation. The most effective effort begins with an idea -- and that idea is developed into a workable antenna design. Aided by personal computers and antenna modeling software, today's reliable antenna solutions move from the drawing board to construction with greater ease. The ARRL Antenna Designer's Notebook by Brian Cake, KF2YN, is certain to open a window into the mind of the antenna designer as the design is imagined, perfected and finally constructed.

Beginning with an assessment of benchmark Yagi designs circa 2005, the book presents a detailed chronicle of the author’s multi-year efforts to develop new components of antennas -- such as the FZ element and the C-pole -- and practical antennas made from them. Explore the details of an improved tunable HF loop, theoretical analyses of linear loading and ground losses, as well as practical designs for beams and omnidirectional antennas. The ARRL Antenna Designer's Notebook is a must-read for radio amateurs or non-ham engineers who are embarking on their own antenna design adventures. Topics in this new ARRL publication include long Yagi antennas, boxkite Yagis (including single-band high performance boxkite Yagis and dual-band boxkite Yagis for VHF/UHF, boxkite Yagi arrays and boxkite Yagi construction), twin-C antennas, C-pole antennas, vertical antennas, linear loading theory and much more.

A CD-ROM that contains the EZNEC models for all the antennas in the book -- plus a bonus presentation on boxkite Yagi antennas -- is included with the book. The ARRL Antenna Designer's Notebook is now shipping and is available from the ARRL for $34.95.



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