ARRL Files Interim Report with FCC in “Symbol Rate” Proceeding


ARRL has filed an interim report with the FCC in order to report on its efforts to find common ground regarding issues surrounding the “symbol” or “baud” rate proceeding, FCC Docket WT 16-239 (the FCC has issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking in WT 16-239, which stemmed from ARRL’s rulemaking petition RM-11708). ARRL highlighted that the public benefits from the FCC’s “fairly flexible” regulation of Amateur Radio. In particular, innovative developments in digital technology, including WSJT-X, were cited.

Noting that more than 1,400 comments in total have been filed in this and on a related rulemaking petition (RM-11831), ARRL pointed out that, as in other Commission-regulated areas, adapting current regulations to rapidly evolving technology presents challenges that may require adjustments to, or clarifications of, the governing regulations. Making such adjustments can be a challenge to ensure that valid regulatory purposes continue to be served without stymieing technological change and innovation in the process.

While a June 11 meeting organized by ARRL had to be reset to accommodate the invited parties, ARRL has re-affirmed its commitment to protecting the interests of all amateurs. ARRL said it will continue to pursue its efforts to address and reconcile differing opinions expressed in the two matters now pending before the FCC.



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