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ARRL Foundation Announces Dick Warren, K6OBS, Memorial Scholarship


The ARRL Foundation has announced that The Dick Warren, K6OBS, Memorial Scholarship will join the growing list of scholarships administered by the ARRL Foundation. Funded through the generosity of the family of Dick Warren, K6OBS, and intended exclusively for educational use, The Dick Warren, K6OBS, Memorial Scholarship will provide assistance with the costs of tuition, room, board, books, and/or other fees essential to the recipient’s higher education. The scholarship award will be $500 annually, with the first scholarship expected to be awarded in 2019.

Applicant must be US citizens, but without regard to gender, race, national origin, or disability. The applicant must be performing at a high academic level or be an at-risk youth with at least two counselor or teacher recommendations describing why the applicant is deserving. All applicants must hold a valid FCC-issued Amateur Radio license and be attending, either part-time or full-time, a regionally accredited technical school, community college, college, or university in a program leading to an undergraduate degree education, science, math, engineering, technology, or a health care-related field.

Applicants must demonstrate activity and interest in radio service or some technical proficiency by participating in some form of radio-related activities such as emergency communication, equipment construction, community radio service, or Scouting. Award preference will go to applicants residing in San Diego and Imperial County of California. If no qualified applicant is identified, the scholarship must be awarded to an applicant residing in California.

The ARRL Foundation shall determine the recipients of the award to be the most deserving depending on personal statements and recommendations and the most promising among the scholarship applicants. The Foundation will manage the assets in the fund, select the scholarship recipient(s), and disperse the award funds directly to the chosen institution of higher learning.

If for any reason the scholarship remains unawarded in a given year, funding provided for The Dick Warren, K6OBS, Memorial Scholarship will be carried over to the following year.