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ARRL Medium-Wave Experimenters Special Event is November 13-14


A Reminder — A special event operation in the vicinity of 500 kHz is set for November 13-14, ARRL Medium-Wave Experiment (WD2XSH) Coordinator Fritz Raab, W1FR, has announced. It will involve experimental operators in the US, Canadian Amateur Radio stations, and US heritage maritime stations.

"For US experimental ops, this will be a CW event," Raab said. "Some stations will run beacons with special messages, and some will offer special QSLs. Other stations will simulate maritime communication. They will call CQ on a designated calling frequency and then QSY to complete the QSO. Silent periods will be observed. Some stations will pass message traffic."

Activity for the special event will focus on 465 to 480 kHz and 495 to 510 kHz. Designated calling frequencies are 475 kHz for the lower segment, and 500 kHz for the upper.

The Maritime Radio Historical Society (MRHS) will conduct a mini "Night of Nights" on Saturday night, with special attention to MF operation.

Five Canadian amateurs are expected to operate in the 472-479 kHz band and will conduct cross-band communication tests with amateurs operating on 80 and 40 meters. Read more.



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