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ARRL Releases Technician Element 2 Question Pool Errata #2


The NCVEC Question Pool Committee has released the latest errata for the 2018 – 2022 Technician, Element 2, question pool, which goes into effect on July 1, 2018. These changes are reflected in new download files dated February 12, 2018.

T1B06 (B) — Modified distractors B, C, and D.

T1B06 (B) — On which HF bands does a Technician class operator have phone privileges?

B. 10 meter band only

C. 80 meter, 40 meter, 15 meter, and 10 meter bands

D. 30 meter band only 

T1B07 — Modified question: changed “frequencies” to “frequency ranges” 

T1B10 — Modified all distractors:

A. 10 meter, 12 meter, 17 meter, and 40 meter bands

B. 10 meter, 15 meter, 40 meter, and 80 meter bands

C. 30 meter band only

D. 10 meter band only

T1B12 — Distractor C: should read “500 ‘watts’” 

T1E02 — Distractor A and C: should be “Amateur Extra ‘Class’” 

T1E09 — Distractor D: corrected to “All ‘of’ these choices are correct” 

T2A01 — Distractors A and D: “Mhz” corrected to “MHz” in both 

T2A03 — Distractors A and D: “Mhz” corrected to “MHz” in both 

T2A11 — Modified question: new wording 

T2A11 — What term describes an amateur station that is transmitting and receiving on the same frequency? 

T2B06 — Modified distractor C: changed “Echolink” to “C. EchoLink” 

T2C07 — Distractor D: corrected to “All of ‘these’ choices are correct” 

T3A07 — Distactor D: changed to “Ferromagnetic”

T3A12 — Modified question: “How might fog and light rain affect radio range on the 10 ‘meter and’ 6 ‘meter bands’?”

Distractor D: should read “’Fog’ and Rain” 

T3C06 — Correct answer modified: A. tropospheric ducting

T3C06 — Modified B. removed hyphen in D layer

T3C06 — Modified C. removed hyphen in F2 layer 

T3C07 — Modified all distractors

A. 10 meter band

B. 6 meter band

C. 2 meter band

D. 70 centimeter band 

T3C10 — Modified distractor A, B, and C.

A. 6 or 10 meter bands

B. 23 centimeter band

C. 70 centimeter or 1.25 meter bands 

T4A01 — Modified question wording: “transceiver,” removed “s”

T4A01 — Distractor D: corrected to “All of these ‘choices’ are correct” 

T4A06 — Distractor D: capitalized “DC” 

T4B — Modified syllabus topics: removed repeater offsets, added “transceiver operation” 

T4B11 — DELETED question.  Renumbered last 3 questions in section T4B:

T4B12 to T4B11; T4B13 to T4B12, and T4B14 to T4B13 

T5C13 — Modified question: “What is a unit of impedance?” 

T5D06 — Distractor D: changed “8 Ohms” to “8 ohms” 

T8B04 — Question wording and all distractors modified to:

T8B04 (D) What mode of transmission is commonly used by amateur radio satellites?



C. CW/data

D. All of these choices are correct 

T8C10 — Global modified term “Echolink” to “EchoLink” in question and all distractors 

T8D07 — Modified question: removed “or Digital Migration Radio” 

T0B02 — Distractor D: removed “the” before the word “these”





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