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Baker Island KH1/KH7Z DXpedition “Humming;” Shutdown Set for July 6


Word from the Baker Island KH1/KH7Z DXpedition team is that “things are humming on Baker Island.” But, because of the tides, the DXpedition, which has logged more than 40,000 contacts, has announced that it will cease operation on July 6 — a day sooner than projected — and depart the following day. Station teardown will start late on July 4. Since its arrival, the team has encountered antenna-damaging storms, satellite phone failures, and extreme heat, but everything now has been restored to working order.

“We are all happily working radio shifts handing out ATNOs [all-time new ones] and making memories that will remain with us forever,” the DXpedition said in an update over the weekend.

KH1/KH7Z will shift its 30-meter frequency to 10.107 MHz to avoid European interference, and it will try “normal” FT8 mode on 1.840 on July 3 at 0900 UTC for the US east coast. If successful, the DXpedition will remain on 160 through the night for eastern Europe.

The DXpedition has said that “fully half” of all FT8 callers are not using the correct software. Callers must use WSJT-X version 1.9.1, go into Advanced settings, choose “Hound” mode, and sync their computer’s clock. DXpedition Pilot Lee Finkel, KY7M, has prepared a “Quick Start Guide” (attached below) for working KH1/KH7Z that includes more details. KH1/KH7Z hopes to activate FT8 on 60 meters on July 4.

All eight stations are on the air, covering 160 through 6 meters. The KH1/KH7Z frequency plan is on the DXpedition website. DXpedition operators will be operating split. Please do not call on the DX station’s transmitting frequency!