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California Radio Amateur Receives Notice of Unlicensed Operation from FCC


The FCC Enforcement Bureau on November 7 issued a Notice of Unlicensed Operation (NoUO) to Technician licensee Daryl Thomas, KE6MWS, of Carmichael, California, for allegedly operating an unlicensed FM radio station.

On October 10, 2018, an Enforcement Bureau agent from the FCC’s San Francisco Office responded to a complaint of an unlicensed FM station operating on 95.7 MHz in Carmichael. The agent confirmed by direction-finding techniques that a signal on 95.7 MHz was emanating from a residence, and Thomas subsequently admitted that he was the operator of this station, the FCC said in the NoUO.

The agent measured the field strength of the signal found that it exceeded the maximum permitted level of 250 µV per meter at 3 meters, established under Part 15.

The Notice cautioned Thomas that operation of radio transmitting equipment without a valid radio station authorization, or in violation of the Commission’s RF radiation limits, constitutes a violation of the federal laws cited above and could subject the operator to severe penalties, including, but not limited to, substantial monetary fines, in rem seizure of the offending radio equipment, and criminal sanctions including imprisonment.

“Unlicensed operation of this radio station must be discontinued immediately and must not resume,” the Notice warned.



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