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CAMSAT CAS-6 Satellite Antenna Deployed, Transponder Activated


CAMSAT reports that the VHF-UHF antenna on the CAS-6 satellite, launched last December 20, has been deployed and its linear amateur radio transponder activated. CAMSAT’s Alan Kung, BA1DU, reports that the CW beacon and GMSK telemetry are not working properly at this time, with only carriers being transmitted.

“We will try to diagnose and then determine whether the CW and telemetry data stream transmission can be recovered,” Kung said.

The U/V linear transponder uplink is 435.280 MHz, with the downlink at 145.925 MHz. The inverting passband is 20 kHz wide. The CW telemetry beacon is on 145.910 MHz. The AX.25 4.8 kbps GMSK telemetry frequency is 145.890 MHz. — Thanks to Alan Kung, BA1DU



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