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Canada Issues Short-Term 472-479 kHz Experimental License


Industry Canada has issued an experimental radio license to the Marconi Radio Club of Newfoundland (VO1MRC). Experimental station VX9MRC has been endorsed to conduct transmissions on 472-479 kHz for just two days — December 14 and 15 — to call attention to the potential new Amateur Radio band there and to the role ham radio plays in emergency communication.

A special message from Bauline, Newfoundland, Mayor Christopher Dredge will be sent on CW on 478 kHz as a beacon transmission on these days,” said Joe Craig, VO1NA, a low-frequency enthusiast. “Those receiving the message are invited to forward it to their respective municipal representative.”

Delegates attending the 2012 World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-12) approved the secondary allocation between 472-479 kHz for the Amateur Radio Service. Industry Canada has proposed creating a new MF Amateur Radio band at 472-479 kHz on a secondary basis. Last year the ARRL asked the FCC to carve out the same band for US hams.

In November 2012 the FCC released a Notice of Proposed Rule Making and Order (ET Docket 12-338) proposing the creation of a new LF ham band at 135.7 to 137.8 kHz. Canadian hams already have such an allocation.




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