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Canadian Amateur Radio Interference Case Adjudicated


Interference from what ISED, Canada’s telecommunications regulator, called an individual “operating an Amateur Radio station without proper authorization and was known to insult, threaten and impersonate other Amateur operators” has been adjudicated. The case resulted in a petition, which attracted 1,135 signatures, being presented to the House of Commons on January 30, and the Government of Canada responded on March 18.

“As the individual disregarded ISED’s written and verbal warnings, the department took action to enforce the [Radiocommunication] Act,” ISED said. “Due to repeated offences, ISED carried out three searches of the individual’s residences and issued seven notices of violation totaling $2,500 plus fees.”

Last October, the individual was found guilty of the violations of subsection by a Justice of the Peace. ISED also called upon a federal prosecutor to obtain an injunction against the individual. That injunction is currently at the interlocutory stage.

ISED said it understands the individual has not been heard on Amateur Radio since August 8, 2018, and that it’s “closely following this case.” — Thanks to Radio Amateurs of Canada



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