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Chinese Students’ FM Transponder Satellite Launched


“Dream 1” (CAS-2T), a “technical verification satellite” for the CAMSAT CAS-2 series of Amateur Radio satellites, was launched on November 9 on board a Long March CZ-11 rocket.

Developed by middle school students with the support of China’s Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, the Science and Technology Museum, and the Eastern Highlands Qian Youth Space Sciences Organization, the 2U CubeSat carries a ham radio 145/435 MHz FM transponder.

CAS-2T will not separate from the final stage of its launcher rocket, so the orbital life may be just 10 to 30 days before the final stage of the rocket re-enters Earth’s atmosphere.

CW telemetry beacon: 435.710 MHz. Transponder uplink: 145.925 MHz FM. Transponder downlink: 435.615 MHz — thanks to Alan Kung, BA1DU



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