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Club Log Allocates 100% of its Computing Resources to COVID-19 Protein Research


Michael Wells, G7VJR, has announced that Club Log is contributing 120 CPU cores (most running at 3.4 GHz) to the Folding@Home Project that’s simulating the dynamics of COVID-19 proteins to hunt for new therapeutic opportunities. Wells said he’s assigned a higher priority to the Folding@Home work, so radio amateurs may experience slightly longer upload times.

“You can help, too, by contributing your own computer to the project,” Wells said. “If you have a recent home computer with a good graphics card, and if a lot of people make a contribution, it will make a significant difference to the research, potentially reducing decades of work to a far shorter time frame that will make a practical difference this year.” He cautions that computers involved in the project will be operating at 100% CPU, when not otherwise in use.

Club Log’s Folding@Home team number is 246763.



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