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Clubs Active in ARRL Contest Club Competitions Advised to Review Member Eligibility Lists


ARRL Contest Branch Manager Bart Jahnke, W9JJ, suggests that now would be an opportune occasion to review club membership eligibility lists for the 2017-2018 contest season. See “ARRL Contest Changes for 2017-2018” in September QST (p 91) or on the ARRL website, for background information.

Contest clubs planning to participate in club competitions, with ARRL November Sweepstakes being next up, will need to update (or upload your list, if no list is on file) member eligibility lists using the contest club tools before the contest begins. These lists contain your club members who reside in and operate from your club territory.

Per September QST, no amnesties or adjustments will be allowed this year; club results will be calculated based solely upon eligible members filed in the club’s eligibility list uploads before the contest begins. If a club already has a list on file, and if no updates are required, the club need not upload a fresh list. To make any additions, deletions, or changes, simply upload a fresh list.

Contact the ARRL Contest Branch for more information.