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Clubs in Newfoundland and England to Re-Enact Marconi’s 1901 Experiment


The Marconi Radio Club of Newfoundland (MRCN) and the Poldhu Amateur Radio Club in England will conduct a modern-day re-enactment of Marconi’s first transatlantic radio experiment in 1901.

December 12, 2021,marks the 120th anniversary of that accomplishment.

On December 12, preparations will begin at 1555 UTC for receiving the letter “s” in Morse code at 1600 UTC. The letter “s” was transmitted from Poldhu in 1901 and heard by Marconi in Newfoundland. Following this, the two clubs will attempt a two-day contact on 14.160 MHz (CW and phone) to send a radiogram from Newfoundland Lieutenant Governor Judy Foote.

A wireless station has been installed at the Geo Centre on Signal Hill in St. Johns, near the ruins of the fever hospital that Marconi used. MRCN also will try to send social telegrams from Memorial University of Newfoundland and the Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers to sites in Canada, Italy, and the US that were involved in Marconi’s transatlantic legacy. 



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