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CQ Announces 2019 Hall of Fame Inductees


CQ Magazine over the weekend announced the 2019 inductees to its Amateur Radio, DX, and Contest halls of fame.

CQ Amateur Radio Hall of Fame

The CQ Amateur Radio Hall of Fame added 5 new members for 2019, making a total of 326 inductees since its establishment in 2001. The CQ Amateur Radio Hall of Fame honors radio amateurs who have made significant contributions “to Amateur Radio, to their professional careers or to some other aspect of life on our planet.” The 2019 inductees are:

  • Dave Bernstein, AA6YQ — Authored the DXLab software suite, which he has placed in the public domain, and provided behind-the-scenes help in integrating ARRL’s Logbook of the World (LoTW) software with outside programs.
  • Doreen Bogdan-Martin, KD2JTX — Director of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Telecommunication Development Bureau and the first woman ever to hold a senior elected position in the ITU.
  • John Attaway, Sr., K4IIF (SK) — Served for more than 20 years as CQ’s DX Editor, proposing the establishment of the CQ DX Hall of Fame in 1967. Professionally, he was a chemist who spent 26 years as Director of Scientific Research for the Florida Department of Citrus. He served on several industry committees and was named to the Florida Citrus Hall of Fame in 2001.
  • Predescu Florin Cristian, YO0CNU — Founder of Europe’s Youngsters On The Air (YOTA) program to encourage young people to become hams and be active on the air.
  • Ellen White, W1YL — First licensed in 1946, White served for more than 25 years (1952 – 1978) on the ARRL Headquarters staff, at one point heading up ARRL contesting activities. She retired as Deputy Communications Manager and became QST “How’s DX?” editor. On her own time, she recorded QST on tape for the vision impaired through the US Library of Congress talking book program. She recently was named as a recipient of the E.T. Krenkel Medal for outstanding global contributions to Amateur Radio. 

CQ DX Hall of Fame

CQ has announced the induction of two new members to its CQ DX Hall of Fame, which honors those DXers who not only excel in personal performance, but also give back to the hobby in outstanding ways. CQ DX Editor Bob Schenck, N2OO, presented Hall of Fame plaques at an induction ceremony held at the annual Dayton DX dinner on May 17.The 2019 inductees to the CQ DX Hall of Fame are: 

  • Joe Taylor, K1JT — Nobel Prize-winning astrophysicist who has revolutionized the face of DXing with his WSJT-X suite of weak-signal digital modes, including FT8, which is capable of decoding signals well below the noise level. Other WSJT-X modes have revolutionized VHF/UHF DXing, including via moonbounce and meteor scatter. Taylor shared the 1993 Nobel Prize in physics for the discovery of binary pulsars.
  • Silvano Borsa, I2YSB, and the Italian DXpedition Team — The Italian DXpedition Team has made more than 20 major DXpeditions in the past 20 years, mostly to Africa, where its members have activated more than a dozen rare countries, making nearly 1.4 million contacts along the way. The team has arranged for the donation and delivery of two ambulances from Italy to Somalia, one of the many countries it has activated. Other Italian DXpedition Team members include: Alfeo Caputo, I1HJT; Vincio Ravizza, IK2CIO; Angelo Selva, IK2CKR; Marcello Cassinelli, IK2DIA; Stefano Casari, IK2HKT; Angelo Gino Zambaiti, IK2RZP, and Mac Shimamoto, JA3USA.

The CQ DX Hall of Fame was established in 1967 to recognize those amateurs who have made major contributions to DXing and DXpeditioning. This weekend marked the 54th annual induction

CQ Contest Hall of Fame

CQ magazine inducted three new members into the CQ Contest Hall of Fame, which honors contesters who stand out in their own contesting performance while also contributing greatly to the avocation as a whole. CQ Contesting Editor David Siddall, K3ZJ, presented Hall of Fame plaques at an induction ceremony held at the annual Dayton Contest Dinner on May 18.

The 2019 inductees to the CQ Contest Hall of Fame are: 

  • Bruce Horn, WA7BNM — He provides a great service to the contesting community via web-based resources for many popular contests. He maintains the most comprehensive contest calendar on the web, and he developed the popular website, where contesters post raw scores after an event, to compare notes and search past contest logs. He is also a past manager of the North American QSO Party and developed the current National Contest Journal (NCJ) website and developed the log-submission apps there.
  • Dean Straw, N6BV — An outstanding contester, a talented writer, editor, presenter, and educator, Straw has advanced the state of the art in antennas, computer modeling, propagation, and contest planning and preparation. As an ARRL staff member for 15 years, he edited multiple editions of The ARRL Antenna Book and several other publications. He also developed the High Frequency Terrain Analysis (HFTA) software, which revolutionized antenna system planning by linking antenna design, installation height, tower location, surrounding terrain, and the expected angles of propagation to target regions. His work with the propagation prediction program VOACAP revolutionized contest planning, allowing specific band opening predictions dependent on solar conditions to indicate optimal times for band changes and operations.
  • Kresimir “Chris” Kovarik, 9A5K (SK) — He developed the DXLog and KLog programs, competed in the World Radiosport Team Championship (WRTC), and served the broader Amateur Radio community in Europe as past president of the Croatian Amateur Radio Association and as vice-chairman of the IARU Region 1 HF Committee. Kovarik died earlier this year.

The CQ Contest Hall of Fame was established in 1986 to recognize those amateurs who have made major contributions to the art of radio contesting. This year’s inductions bring the total number of members of the CQ Contest Hall of Fame to 74.    



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