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Driving to Hamvention? Take a 2-Meter Radio Along; Car Pool, if Possible


Hamvention® organizers say those planning to drive to Hamvention 2017 at its new location at the Greene County Fairgrounds and Expo Center in Xenia, Ohio, should take along a 2-meter radio and be ready to use it, in order to make their arrival safer and easier. Gary Mullins, K8UW — chair of the Talk-In Committee for Hamvention 2017 — anticipates that the new location will generate the need for more information by those who have never been to the Fairgrounds. To ease the load on the 146.94 MHz (123.0 Hz) talk-in frequency, Hamvention will deploy an informational bulletin system on 145.525 MHz to answer many frequently asked questions and provide important general information to motorists approaching the area.

“Of course, we will still be operating our usual talk-in operation to address questions or problems that are not answered on the bulletin system,” Mullins said. The system will begin operation at approximately 7 AM EDT (1100 UTC) on Thursday, May 18, and will continue during talk-in operating hours throughout Hamvention weekend.  “The more people aware of the availability of this service, the better things can run for us and those attending,” Mullins added. 

Talk-in volunteers will provide up-to-date information on traffic conditions, parking availability, and directions, if needed. They also will be able to redirect visitors, if a parking lot is reaching its maximum capacity.

The Hamvention Traffic Planning Committee, headed by volunteer Larry Sacks, N8QMN, a professional traffic engineer, worked with the Xenia Police Department, the Greene County Sheriff's Office, and the Ohio Highway Patrol to devise routes that promote safety and offer smooth traffic flow.  By concentrating incoming vehicles on those roads, officers will be able to control traffic lights at major intersections and minimize delays. But, Sacks pointed out, it all depends on drivers following the suggestions they’re provided.

Sacks urged visitors to consider parking at a remote lot. Since shuttles from those lots will use a different entrance to the Fairgrounds, remote parkers could actually arrive ahead of the on-site parking crowd, depending on traffic flow.

Drivers are urged to review the directions and maps on the Hamvention website before starting out. These represent the best advice the committee can give, in addition to one final suggestion: Car pool, if possible.