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DX Activities Abound at ARRL EXPO at the Dayton Hamvention®


ARRL Membership and Volunteer Programs Manager Dave Patton, NN1N, reports that plans for a plethora of DX activities at the ARRL EXPO -- part of the 2010 Dayton Hamvention -- are wrapping up. “We are excited about the activities that will be taking place,” he said. “Visitors to the EXPO will see a lot of activities relating to DX, including DXCC card checking, a chance to drop off QSL cards for the ARRL Outgoing QSL bureau and even an expanded International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) area.” The Dayton Hamvention will take place May 14-16 at Hara Arena, located near Dayton, Ohio.

An International Flavor 

The IARU area, led by IARU President Tim Ellam, VE6SH, will feature each of the three IARU Regions. The Deutscher Amateur Radio Club (DARC) will represent Region 1, the ARRL will represent Region 2 and the Japan Amateur Radio League (JARL) will represent Region 3. The ARRL will sponsor a RUFZ CW copying competition throughout the event and JARL will be on hand to check applications for the IARU’s Worked All Continent (WAC) and 5-Band WAC awards. According to Patton, they will check QSL cards and issue the award certificates on the spot.

JARL representatives will also check applications for certain JARL awards (AJD, WAJA, JCC, JCG, ADXA and ADXA-Half) and issue them at the convention. JARL staff members Masa Ebisawa, JA1DM, and Hiro Tamama, JA1SLS, will check applications for other JARL awards at the JARL corner; certificates for these awards will be mailed from JARL headquarters. Ebisawa and Tamama will be glad to answer questions about JARL activities, as well as the reciprocal licensing procedures.

Applicants for JARL awards do not need to have the QSL cards present; a list showing the call signs of stations worked, date, band and mode (or other data required by each award) of the contacts is sufficient. A statement making an oath that the QSL cards of the contacts listed are in the possession and that the items are correctly listed should be attached to the application. Applicants may use a DXCC Record Sheet for their QSL card list. The JARL award fee is $16. Check out the JARL Web site for more information about JARL awards.

On Friday and Saturday of Hamvention, Herb Aeby, HB9BOU -- the QSL Manager for 4U1UN, the Amateur Radio Station at the United Nations -- will be in the DXCC area of ARRL EXPO issuing QSL cards for both 4U1UN and 4U1ITU, the Amateur Radio station at the International Telecommunication Union (QSLs for the special 4U1ITU operations 4U1WRC, 4U0ITU and 4U9ITU will not be available). According to Patton, you only need to bring a log extract listing your contacts with the station(s). QSOs with 4U1UN will be confirmed if it is in their electronic log; this log covers the period 1993 to the present. Manfred Oberhofer, HB9ACA, and Bertrand Bladt, HB9SLO, will also be on hand to assist.

Homegrown Tastes

ARRL staff and DXCC Card Checkers will offer full DXCC card checking and award applications as always, and will also be able to check applications and QSLs for the Worked All States (WAS) and the VHF/UHF Century Club (VUCC) awards.

Visitors to the ARRL EXPO will be able to check out the Logbook of the World (LoTW) “Call Sign Lookup.” This nifty program will allow anyone to see how many times LoTW users have submitted their call sign to the 222 million QSO log database! ARRL staff will also be able to assist with LoTW signup and problems throughout the weekend. For those who have not yet signed up to use LoTW, bring a copy of your license to show to staff and they will be able to help expedite the sign-up process.

For the first time ever, ARRL members will be able to drop off their QSL cards to be sent through the ARRL Outgoing QSL Bureau. If you have QSLs that you would like to send through the ARRL Outgoing QSL Bureau (your QSLs going to foreign stations --no US-US QSLs please), you can save the shipping cost to ARRL by bringing them to Dayton and the League will transport your cards to the Bureau in Newington.

In order to take advantage of this exciting benefit, all of the standard QSL Bureau rules must be followed: Cards must be sorted by DXCC country; they must go to countries where a bureau exists, and you must be an ARRL member to use the Outgoing QSL Bureau. Patton said that hams utilizing this service do not need to box the cards, but they should be wrapped with rubber bands; ARRL will weigh the cards on-site in the ARRL EXPO area.

The rates are $5 for the first .5 pounds of cards or portion thereof. Keep in mind that approximately 75 cards weigh .5 pounds. The rates increase to $10 for one pound, and then $5 for each additional half-pound. For example, a package containing 1.5 pounds of cards should include the fee of $15. A package of only 10 cards or fewer costs just $1.50, 11-20 cards are $2.50 and 21-30 cards are $3.75. Members can pay for this service via check, cash or credit card.

Why not make 2010 your year to go to Dayton? Experience all the fun and excitement of the ARRL EXPO at the Dayton Hamvention. It’s not too late to make plans to join us in Dayton May 14-16.




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