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DXpedition to Macao Set for March 2018


A DXpedition to Macao (XX9) is planned for March 9-17, 2018. Team members will include Bom, XX9LT; Leo, PP1CZ; Junior, PR7AB; Claudio, PY2MC; Alex, PY2SEX; Alex, PY2WAS; Miguel, PY3MM; Fernando, PY4BZ; Herminio, PY5HSD; Beto, PY6RT, and Jim, PY7XC.

The call sign to be used has not yet been issued.

The team anticipates operation on 80 through 10 meters, with 160 a possibility as “a non-priority band.” Three stations will be on the air around the clock, with one station focusing on digital modes — especially RTTY and FT8.

Logs will be posted to Club Log in real time. The Macao team has announced that it will take care to avoid overlapping with other major DXpeditions on the air at the same time. Macao, an autonomous region on China’s south coast across the Pearl River Delta from Hong Kong, is number 67 on Club Log’s DXCC Most Wanted List