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“Farewell Weekend from Z60A” Offering Yet Another Opportunity to Work Kosovo


This weekend could offer the best opportunity to work Z60A in Kosovo, the newest DXCC entity and #15 on the Club Log DXCC Most Wanted List.

“Since the original activity from Kosovo was much hampered by a high noise level at both locations, particularly on low bands, a team led by Pertti, OG2M; Miro, OM5RW; Rudy, OM3PC, and Driton, Z61DX, has put all its effort into hoisting full-size verticals for this weekend from a quiet location beyond the city noise,” an announcement said.

Beverages have been built for the US and Japan. The operators are using a local cell site tower as an antenna support structure.

Two stations will be on 160, 80, 40, and 30 meters. Operation also will take place in the General/Advanced sub-band of 20 meters (i.e., above 14.025 MHz). Next Tuesday, the group at Z60A will begin dismantling their two sites, while local operators use the towers and beams.



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