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FCC Cites California Retailer for Marketing Unauthorized RF Devices


The FCC has issued a Citation and Order to DNJ Radio of Fremont, California, for violating its rules by marketing non-certified amplifiers and kits via its Internet website. The FCC’s San Francisco office investigated complaints and “confirmed that DNJ Radio was offering for sale non-certified RM Italy linear amplifiers and amplifier kits capable of operation with both CB 11 meter transceivers and [Amateur Service] 10 meter transceivers,” the Citation recounted.

The FCC said the devices listed in the Citation have not received FCC grants of certification, required for external RF power amplifiers operating below 144 MHz and marketed in the US. The Commission told DNJ to take immediate steps to discontinue marketing unauthorized RF devices. It also gave DNJ Radio 30 days to provide a list of amplifiers marketed and/or imported by RM Italy as well as documentation from that manufacturer on the use of linear amplifiers with both CB and ham radio transceivers. The Commission further requested documentation that would help it determine if RM Italy is licensed or authorized to sell or market, import, ship or distribute for sale or lease any certified or non-certified linear amplifiers.

The FCC discounted a disclaimer on DNJ Radio’s website that the devices it’s marketing “are for industrial, scientific, medical, or export use only” and that using them on 11 meters would violate FCC rules. “The amplifiers…are being offered for sale from within the United States, and anyone within the United States could buy the devices regardless of the disclaimer,” the FCC said. Future violations could result in fines of up to $16,000 per violation, the Commission told DNJ.

In June, the FCC issued a Citation and Order to a Nebraska-based online retailer for marketing unauthorized RF devices — including 10 and 12 meter amplifiers capable of putting out up to 8200 W — in violation of FCC rules.




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