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FCC Dismisses Radio Amateur’s Petition to Revise Call Sign Rules


The FCC has dismissed a rule making petition filed last May by Thomas J. Alessi, K1TA, of Stamford, Connecticut, that sought to amend the Part 97 rules regarding Amateur Radio Service call signs. The Commission action came in a November 28 letter from Scot Stone, Deputy Chief of the FCC Wireless Telecommunications Bureau Mobility Division. Alessi had asked the FCC to make call signs consisting of one letter, followed by two digits, followed by one letter (1 ×× 1 format) available to Amateur Extra Class licensees. Alessi asserted that the number of Amateur Extra Class licensees who desire short call signs exceeds the available supply of 1 × 2 and 2 × 1 call signs, and that his plan would make available an additional 7,800 four-character call signs.

“Approximately fifteen million call signs are presently available in the sequential call sign system, but it does not include every amateur call sign that has been allocated to the United States,” Stone wrote in denying Alessi’s petition. He also pointed out that the FCC had rejected a similar suggestion in 2010 that would have made certain additional call signs, including 1 ×× 1 call signs, available to Amateur Extra Class licensees, but concluded at the time that enough call signs already were available for every Amateur Radio licensee to obtain an acceptable call sign. In addition, the FCC said in 2010 that it had no plans to revisit the issue.

“You have not demonstrated any changed circumstances or other reason that would warrant revisiting this decision,” Stone’s letter concluded.




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