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FCC Retiring the Front Page


The FCC has announced that it is transitioning away from its so-called “transition website” front page, which has been in place for the last 3 years. The Commission said the move, starting February 3, is in line with its plans to gradually wean users from the transition website.

“All content formerly on the old transition front page — including links to our most popular tools and resources — is available on the home page, and personal bookmarks to items once featured on the old page will continue to work,” the FCC has said. “Starting February 3, the transition front page will redirect automatically to the home page. For those who continue to use, please note that this action affects only one page of the transition site — the front page."

The FCC introduced its new website design in 2011, running it in parallel with the old design that users had become familiar with over the many years it’s been in place. The FCC said its decision now to phase out the transition front page was based on a steady decline in usage, since the initial FCC website redesign.

Also starting February 3, the FCC will replace the transition link in the top right corner with a link to the FCC Phonebook, making that resource available on virtually every page. The FCC invites feedback on its website. Howard Parnell, Chief, FCC Web and Print Publishing Division



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