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Finland Radio Amateurs Seek Replacement Spectrum for 1240 – 1300 MHz


Finnish International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) member-society SRAL is asking for amateur radio privileges on 220 – 225 MHz as a replacement for the 1240 – 1300 MHz band, which was deleted last April 24, except for use by special permit. SRAL’s initial request for 902 – 928 MHz was turned down.

The request is to provide spectrum for Amateur Television (ATV) operation. The special permits for the 1.2 GHz band will expire when the Galileo GNSS (GPS) constellation becomes fully operational. Concerns have arisen in Europe regarding the potential of amateur radio interference to one Galileo frequency.

The European Conference and Telecommunications Administrations (CEPT) Working Group SE 40 (Space Service compatibility issues) met in early December to discuss the 1240 – 1300 MHz frequency band. 1240 – 1260 MHz is used by the Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS) of the Russian Federation, and 1260 – 1300 MHz is used by Europe’s Galileo system, China’s BeiDou system, and Japan’s QZSS, and is planned to be used by Korea’s KPS. — Thanks to Southgate Amateur Radio News



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