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Great Club Log Hardware Shuffle Complete


Club Log author Michael Wells, G7VJR,announced on February 13 that he has completed the “Great Hardware Shuffle” for the online service. The free, web-based tool can produce DXCC league tables, expedition tools, log-search services, and most-wanted lists.

“In recent months, I have been working through a checklist to do a big, once-every-5-years kind of upgrade for Club Log’s hardware,” Wells said in a January 1 post. The upgraded system now is back up and running after being briefly offline. The work involved pulling the Club Log primary hardware to replace CPUs, upgrade memory, and update solid-state drives. Club Log was moved temporarily onto the Google Compute Cloud, which already serves as backup, Wells explained, and was halted altogether during database swaps to keep the database “absolutely pristine.”

Wells said he appreciates those who donate to keep Club Log going. He requests those having questions about Club Log to use the reflector or the help desk. As of February 13, Wells was wrapping up a few loose ends. “I hope you are all making lots of QSOs instead of looking at stats,” he remarked. “Sorry for the extended work! I shall have square eyes after this is done.” Wells indicated this week that Club Log will stop accepting “http” and redirect to “https” soon.