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Ham Radio Newscast Producer Hap Holly, KC9RP, and The RAIN Report Retiring


Hap Holly, KC9RP, who’s been producing the The RAIN Report Amateur Radio newscast every week for 30 years, has announced that he’s retiring and closing down The RAIN Report (Radio Amateur Information Network). “The archives will remain online for those who want to download and/or broadcast them,” Holly told ARRL.

“My thought is to expand the archive from RAIN Reports that have never been archived.” A ham since 1969, Holly, a prolific reporter of Dayton Hamvention® news and forum accounts over the years, said he’ll produce a “Farewell to The RAIN Report” newscast. The grand finale could run over more than one episode and will include clips — now being solicited — from individuals heard on The RAIN Report in past years.

Holly, who just turned 68, was named Hamvention’s 2002 Amateur of the Year, which he called “a very special honor.” He produced The RAIN Report, which typically runs from 10 to 15 minutes, from his home studio/ham shack in suburban Chicago. In addition to being available via the internet, The RAIN Report is transmitted over a wide network of Amateur Radio repeaters. 



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