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WSJT Monthly Sprints to Begin this Weekend

02/26/2009 The first monthly WSJT Sprint contest will be held this Saturday, February 28 between 4 AM and noon (local time).WSJT is a popular software suite created by Joe Taylor, K1JT. It is used to make digital contacts by reflecting signals off the ionized trails left by meteors (a technique known as meteor scatter). The same software can be used to make contacts by using the moon as a radio reflector (moonbounce). WSJT Sprint points are based on the distances worked. Participants are allowed to make random or assisted contacts (skeds via Ping Jockey). Enter as 6 meter only, 2 meter only or Combined class. Simultaneous 6/2 meter operation is permitted in the Combined class. Complete rules are available online; click on "Sprints" in the content bar on the left.



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