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International Amateur Radio-Scouter Shelly Weil, K2BS, SK


Sheldon “Shelly” Weil, K2BS (ex-W2GQN), of Delray Beach, Florida, died October 29, following complications resulting from serious injuries sustained in a fall. He was 81. Weil, an ARRL member, was legendary within Scouting’s Amateur Radio community, and regularly attended National and World Jamborees, helping to staff the Amateur Radio station and sharing his affection for ham radio with the Scouts on hand.

“Shelly made an unforgettable impression on me at the 1973 Jamboree East,” said ARRL CEO David Sumner, K1ZZ. “I may have had the title of KJ3BSA station manager, but it was Shelly’s experience and remarkable scavenging ability that was the essential ingredient to the success of the ham radio tent.”

ARRL staff member and Scout leader Larry Wolfgang, WR1B, recalled how Weil would arrive at K2BSA during Scout Jamborees with a transceiver and amplifier in tow. “He would get on the air and make many contacts with his friends and acquaintances around the world, giving many Scouts an opportunity to get on the air,” Wolfgang said.

A Brooklyn, New York, native, Weil graduated from Brooklyn College with a degree in psychology. He was an Eagle Scout who subsequently was recognized with other Scouting honors and awards. He once served as chairman of the National Jewish Committee on Scouting. Weil also served the Anti-Defamation League as a regional board member.

During a World Scout Jamboree in Japan several years ago, Weil took part in the rescue effort after a typhoon that occurred during the event. In those pre-Internet days, Weil was able to use Amateur Radio to let parents back home know that their youngsters were okay.

International Scouter Richard Middelkoop, PA3BAR, said he spoke with Weil from HB9S in Geneva just a few days before Weil’s passing. “Shelly served with many of us on several Amateur Radio stations at World Scout Jamborees,” Middelkoop recalled. “With his profound knowledge of special stations, he managed to contact several that made a lasting impression on the Scouts present. I vividly remember he managed to contact a Scout’s father in South Africa from the World Scout Jamboree in Chile; the [boy] had not been able to call home to inform of his safe arrival.” Middlekoop said Weil impressed the Scouts on hand for a World Scout Jamboree in The Netherlands by speaking with King Hussein, JY1 (SK), whose niece was visiting the Jamboree.

“Many Scouts were inspired by his enthusiastic stories about radio and his instant demonstrations,” Middelkoop added, noting that Weil has left a lasting impression with many Scouts around the world.

The family has invited memorial contributions to the Anti-Defamation League or to Friends of Israel Scouts.





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