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International DX Association Encourages Humanitarian Dimension to DXpeditions


The International DX Association (INDEXA) has announced plans to make additional funding available to DXpedition groups that carry out pre-approved plans to provide humanitarian aid and services that benefit the communities they visit. The incentive can be as much as an additional 15 percent to any financial support INDEXA offers the DXpedition.

“INDEXA believes that many of the DXpeditions we support have a unique opportunity to perform humanitarian activities which will improve the lives of those indigenous people and communities they encounter on a DXpedition.” INDEXA said in a June 29 news release. “Humanitarian activities come in a variety of forms including education, medical, and dental assistance, infrastructure improvements, and physical donations of goods and other services.”

INDEXA said there are many ways a DXpedition team or individual team members could “positively impact the lives of the people of the community or country the DXpedition team is visiting.” INDEXA has outlined the process on its website. — Thanks to The Daily DX



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