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Jamboree On The Air 2015 Stations Urged to Register


As of October 1, more than 350 US stations had signed up to take part in the 2015 Jamboree On The Air (JOTA). The 58th annual event takes place October 16-18, and JOTA organizers are urging all who plan to participate to register, so they can provide a list of participating stations and their locations. A list of US-registered stations is available on the K2BSA website. JOTA is aimed at fostering Scout-to-Scout communication across borders and is the largest Scouting event in the world Last year worldwide Scouting participation included 1.1 million Boy Scouts and another 200,000 Girl Guides/Girl Scouts. In the US 13,326 Scouts and visitors took part in JOTA 2014. The Boy Scouts also encourage participating stations to submit JOTA reports and photos following this fall’s event.

“We need your report to demonstrate the success of JOTA to those in Scouting and Amateur Radio,” said Jim Wilson, K5ND, the national JOTA organizer. He asked participating JOTA stations to note down the number of Scouts participating, Amateur Radio licensees, and radios on the air, as well as the total number of contacts and states and countries contacted.

“We would also like to see your best photos and hear some stories about your event,” Wilson said.

The K2BSA call sign will be in use for JOTA from every US call district as well as from KH6 and KL7. Wilson suggested that JOTA groups consider obtaining a 1 × 1 special event call sign for their operations.

The 2015 JOTA patch is available from BSA Supply. The order number is 622541.




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