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Japanese Amateurs Receive More Privileges on 75/80 Meters


Japan's Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) announced that Japan's Table of Frequency Allocations and the Japanese Amateur Bandplan have been amended, giving amateurs in that country more privileges on certain frequency blocks in the 75/80 meter band. Japanese amateurs are now allowed to operate the following additional frequencies on the 75/80 meters: 3.599-3.612 MHz, 3.680 to 3.687 MHz, 3.702-3.716 MHz, 3.745-3.747 MHz and 3.754-3.770 MHz.

As of April 28, 2008, Japanese amateurs will have privileges on the following frequencies in the 75/80 meter band:

• 3500-3520 kHz (CW only)

• 3520-3525 kHz (Digital Mode and CW)

• 3525-3575 kHz (CW and Phone)

• 3599-3612 kHz (CW and Phone)

• 3680-3687 kHz (CW and Phone)

• 3702-3716 kHz (CW and Phone)

• 3745-3770 kHz (CW and Phone)

• 3791-3805 kHz (CW and Phone)

"This makes it a bit easier for US amateurs to make contacts with Japanese amateurs, especially in contests, since Japan does not have phone privileges on the 160 meter band," said ARRL Membership Services Manager Dave Patton, NN1N. "These new privileges will also make it easier for DXpeditions to work Japan." -- Information provided by JARL



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