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“June 2020 Festival of Frequency Measurement” Seeks Ham Radio Volunteers


Grad student Kristina Collins, KD8OXT, in Cleveland, Ohio, is looking for radio amateurs and shortwave listeners — particularly in Africa and Asia — to help her collect data for an experiment. On June 21, an annular solar eclipse will cross eastern Africa and Asia, affecting the ionosphere and, in turn, radio propagation. “We’re interested in having amateur radio operators around the path of totality collect Doppler shift data on that day, which can be performed using an HF rig connected to a computer running fldigi,” she said.

Details of the experiment are on the HamSCI website. Two data-collection exercises will take place, starting with a control day on June 14 UTC followed by the event on June 20 – 22 UTC, which encompasses the annular solar eclipse across eastern Africa and Asia on June 21.

Interested operators may sign up online or contact Kristina Collins directly.



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