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Kids Day is Sunday, June 18


Kids Day is Sunday, June 18. Sponsored by the Boring (OR) Amateur Radio Club, Kids Day is the perfect way to introduce a young person to the magic of Amateur Radio. Open your doors, have some hot dogs or pizza, and let the youngsters find out what Amateur Radio is all about — perhaps stations they hear or work on a map or coloring in a map of states worked. Or, help them build something, such as a simple kit.

The event kicks off at 1800 UTC and runs through 2400 UTC. Operate as much or as little as you like. The suggested exchange is name, age, location, and favorite color. It’s okay to work the same station more than once if the operator has changed. To attract attention, call “CQ Kids Day.”

Suggested frequencies: 28.350 to 28400 MHz, 24.960 to 24.980 MHz, 21.360 to 21.400 MHz, 18.140 to 18.145 MHz, 14.270 to 14.300 MHz, 7.270 to 7.290 MHz, 3.740 to 3.940 MHz, as well as your favorite 2 meter repeater (with permission of the repeater's sponsor). Be sure to observe third-party restrictions when making DX QSOs.

More information, along with a free participation certificate you can fill out and print yourself, is on the ARRL website. Take some time to inspire the next generation of potential radio amateurs!