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“Mega DXpeditions Honor Roll” Posted on GDXF Site


Anyone who likes Top 10 lists or even statistics will find something to appreciate in the “Mega DXpeditions Honor Roll,” compiled and posted by Jari Jussila, OH2BU, and Bernd Koch, DF3CB. At the very least, this resource will help to settle any arguments as to the accomplishments of any DXpedition that logged at least 30,000 contacts. The German DX Foundation (GDXF) is hosting the Honor Roll, which includes 221 Mega DXpeditions. Each listing provides a link to details of the DXpedition and QSL card image. Individual links sort the database on various categories, including such statistics as QSOs per day and Top 20 modes.


Jussila had kept and maintained records of DXpeditions making at least 30,000 QSOs and published his list, then containing some 40 DXpeditions, in the late 1990s. Requests to provide additional or corrected information helped to refine the list, which evolved into the Mega DXpeditions Honor Roll. Koch had compiled and maintained the database, which now has found a home on the GDXF website. The list includes statistics for individual DXpeditions.

In terms of contact numbers, topping the list was the 2011 T32C DXpedition to Eastern Kiribati. The 32-day operation, which boasted 41 operators, logged 213,090 contacts. By way of comparison, the 15 operators mounting the recent 15-day K1N DXpedition to Navassa put 139,702 contacts into the logbook, putting that operation in 9th place in terms of QSO numbers.

The average number of operators among the 221 listed operations was 11. The 2006 VU4AN DXpedition to Andaman and Nicobar Islands involved 69 operators — the most of any DXpedition, although the 403T DXpedition to Montenegro that same year came close with 60 operators.

One interesting statistic you can glean from the Honor Roll is most-activated DX entities among the 221 listed Mega DXpeditions. The greatest number was six operations to Conway Reef (3D2C). Spratly, Clipperton, Malyj Vysotskij, and Myanmar were grouped as a close second with five DXpeditions each.

Most contacts made during a single-operator DXpedition? That would have been the 53,849 QSOs that Jukka Heikinheimo, OH2BR, logged as VP6BR during his 88-day visit to Pitcairn Island in early 2000. This has been recognized as a Guinness world record.

The Honor Roll also includes a list of the most active operators to take part in a Mega DXpedition.

Address comments, corrections, or additions to the list to Jari Jussila, OH2BU, and Bernd Koch, DF3CB.  — Thanks to The Daily DX




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