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Mysterious Signals Did Not Come from Missing Submarine; MF/HF Frequencies Listed


Satellite signals heard over the weekend did not come from a missing Argentine Navy submarine San Juan that went missing on November 15, dashing hopes that the vessel could be located. The submarine had reported a malfunction, had surfaced, and was headed back to its base when the Navy lost contact with it. The sub, built in Germany in the 1980s, carries a crew of 44.

Vessels from Argentina, the US, Great Britain, Chile, and Brazil have joined other vessels and aircraft looking for the submarine.

A Naval commander told media today that the submarine had surfaced and reported “an electrical problem” before it disappeared some 270 miles off the South American coast on its return to its base at Mar del Plata.

Over the weekend, Argentina’s Defense Ministry reported receiving seven “failed satellite calls” that officials thought might be coming from the missing submarine. No contact was made, and no transmissions occurred. Poor weather has complicated the search.

Over the weekend, IARU Region 2 News Editor Joaquín Solana, XE1R, issued a list of marine frequencies, suggesting that radio amateurs and SWLs listen for any signals that could be related to the missing San Juan. Frequencies are 2,065.0 kHz; 2,182.0 kHz; 3,023.0 kHz; 3,860.6 kHz; 4,125.0 kHz; 4,143.6 kHz; 6,218.6 kHz, and 8,528.0 kHz on HF, as well as 42.395 MHz, 43.040 MHz, and 84.470 MHz. The MF emergency frequencies of 416 kHz, 437 kHz, and 500 kHz also were suggested.



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