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NCVEC Question Pool Committee Seeks Input for Updated Technician Question Pool


The National Conference of Volunteer Examiner Coordinators (NCVEC) Question Pool Committee (QPC) is requesting input from the amateur radio community on new or modified questions for the 2022 – 2026 FCC Element 2 Technician Pool, which goes into effect on July 1, 2022. This may include suggestions for new questions, changes to current examination topic areas, or changes to existing questions in the current Technician Question Pool.

The QPC offered guidelines that said it’s seeking input that focuses on topics that enhance public interest, understanding, and use of amateur radio, or focus on STEM hands-on learning and education, as well as questions on new technology, digital modes, station setup and operation, antennas, and emergency and non-emergency operation.

To submit suggested questions for QPC review, the committee asks that questions have no more than two 70-character lines, including spaces. Distractors should be no more than 70-character lines long, and shorter if possible. Each multiple-choice question must be accompanied by four possible distractors and only one correct answer. The answer choices may be in any order, but the correct answer must be indicated by the letters A, B, C, or D at the beginning of the question. Those submitting suggestions should provide the resource information that supports the correct answer or the FCC Part 97 rule.

The QPC will accept question comments, revisions, and submissions from the amateur radio community via email through June 30, 2021. This email address is a bulk forwarding mailbox, so no acknowledgement will be sent by return email. The NCVEC QPC will take all comments into consideration as it updates the Technician Question Pool for 2022 – 2026.




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