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New Beta Version of WSJT-X is Now Available, Mock FT8 Contest Set


A new WSJT-Xrelease candidate,” version 2.0.0-rc4, now is available, and the version 2.0 Quick Start Guide has been revised and extended. The developers urge anyone upgrading to the new version to read the release notes thoroughly, since the upgrade requires users to change operator settings, so the software may not work “out of the box” when upgrading from previous versions.

The latest version of WSJT-X also removes compatibility with earlier versions of the software in certain circumstances. “Users of version 1.9.1 and earlier will be unable to decode transmissions from users of version 2.0.0-rc4, and vice-versa,” developer Joe Taylor, K1JT, said in announcing the new beta version. To minimize this cross-protocol interference, we suggest initially using the -rc4 release at audio TX frequencies 2,000 Hz and higher. As more users upgrade their software to -rc4 or later, activity can gradually move downward in audio frequency. By December 10 or very soon afterward, everyone should upgrade to the full WSJT-X 2.0 general availability (GA) release.

Some changes from the RC3 beta version include these: The Esc key aborts a QSO, clears a DX Call, and selects Tx6; Fox/Hound/Contest selection boxes and new facilities for Contest and Fox-mode logging have been updated; the program disables transmit after 5 minutes of no mouse movement, and it will not auto-log a contact with incomplete exchange info.

Coinciding with the release of WSJT-X version 2.0-rc4, the WSJT-X development team has scheduled an on-the-air FT8 protocol practice session to help operators become familiar with the software and to identify operational issues. The 1-hour FT8 mock contest will be held on November 20, 0200 – 0300 UTC (Monday evening, November 19, in North American time zones). Download links for -rc4 on Windows, Linux, and macOS are available on the WSJT-X page.

Those participating in WSJT-X beta tests are expected to report their experiences to the developers and upgrade to the general availability release when it becomes available. Visit the WSJT-X web page for more information.




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