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New Book HF Dipole Antennas for Amateur Radio Now Shipping


ARRL’s HF Dipole Antennas for Amateur Radio is a collection of 20 HF dipole antenna designs from the pages of QST between 2000 and 2017. It includes innovative antenna projects for single-band and multiband antennas, as well as antennas for portable applications.

Portable Antennas

  • “An Easy-to-Make Three-Band Dipole for ARRL Field Day”

  • “A Field-Portable Multi-Band Rotatable Dipole Antenna”

  • “A Small, Portable Dipole for Field Use”

  • “A Portable Twin-Lead 20-Meter Dipole”

  • “The NJQRP Squirt”

Multiband Antennas

  • “A Shortened 60-Meter Dipole That Also Covers 15 Meters”

  • “A Compact Multiband Dipole”

  • “A Folded Skeleton Sleeve Dipole for 40 and 20 Meters”

  • “A Fan Dipole for 80 through 6 Meters”

  • “A No Compromise Off-Center Fed Dipole for Four Bands”

  • “Six-Band Loaded Dipole Antenna”

  • “The Classic Multiband Dipole”

  • “A Dipole Curtain for 15 and 10 Meters”

  • “K8SYL’s 75- and 10-Meter Dipole”

  • “The N4GG Array”

Single-Band Antennas

  • “A Lightweight Rotary Dipole for 40 Meters”

  • “The W0IH Tunable 80-Meter Dipole”

  • “A Coaxial Cable Vertical Dipole Antenna”

  • “A Wideband Dipole for 75 and 80 Meters”

  • “The K4VX Linear-Loaded Dipole for 7 MHz”

A special bonus section by Jackson R. Richter, WB0USA, features a thorough discussion of how these popular multiband antennas function. It includes several antenna projects that you can build.

HF Dipole Antennas for Amateur Radio is available from the ARRL Store or your ARRL Dealer. (ARRL Item no. 0994, ISBN: 978-1-62595-099-4, $22.95 retail, special ARRL member price $19.95). Call 860-594-0355 or toll-free in the US, 888-277-5289. It will also be available as an e-book for the Amazon Kindle.