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Nexø I Rocket Launched from the Baltic Sea, Tracked via Amateur Radio


The Copenhagen Suborbitals Nexø I rocket launched on July 23 used a 1240 MHz digital Amateur Radio television (DATV) downlink, a 432 MHz command uplink, and 144 MHz Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS).

Copenhagen Suborbitals said the rocket is the next step toward flying an amateur astronaut into space. Standing 5.6 meters tall, it is the not-for-profit’s first fully guided and liquid-fuelled rocket. Launched from a sailing launch platform in the Baltic Sea east of Denmark, the target attained an altitude of from 6 to 10 kilometers before landing back in the sea by parachute.

In the coming years the systems and technology tested on Nexø I will be used to build the big Spica rocket and space capsule. APRS was used to report the location of the maritime vessels participating in mission operations. The position reports appeared in real time (OZ9VST-12 and OZ9SPT-12).



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