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Next “Red Badge Day” on September 21 is a Chance to Rack Up Serious Centennial QSO Party Points


ARRL’s “Red Badgers” will be out in force on Sunday, September 21 UTC (starting the evening of Saturday, September 20, in US time zones), offering another opportunity to snag some high-value contacts to boost your ARRL Centennial QSO Party total. During the second “Red Badges on the Air” activity, ARRL officers, elected officials — such as Director or Section Manager — Headquarters staffers and volunteers, and other members of the ARRL family who merit red ARRL name/call sign badges will take to the air. Contacts with red badge wearers are worth a lot of points — as much as 300 points per contact for working ARRL President Kay Craigie, N3KN — so participants can increase their Centennial QSO Party tallies very quickly. ARRL Membership and Volunteer Programs Manager Dave Patton, NN1N, said that ARRL red badge holders number about 200 — including officers, Directors, Section Managers, and Headquarters staff, many of whom will be on the air on September 21.

“Not just Red Badgers will be active, but many ARRL appointees, VEs, and members will be as well,” said Patton. “The first Red Badge Day on June 1 was a huge success but left many operators wanting more. Nine months into ARRL's Centennial year, the Centennial QSO Party and W1AW activations already have proven to be the largest and most active special events in the history of Amateur Radio, with more than 20,000 participants on the air from all continents.”

The event is considered an activity day, not a contest, and operation is permitted on all bands. Participants can call “CQ ARRL Centennial QSO Party” on phone or “CQ CENT” on CW or digital modes. While the event will focus on encouraging ARRL red badgers to hand out Centennial QSO Party points, all activity is welcome, regardless of point value.

ARRL members are worth at least one point in the Centennial QSO Party. Participants get credit for each band/mode contact, regardless of point value. ARRL Centennial QSO Party participants can use the leader board to determine how many points they have accumulated.

Other high-value contacts include: President Emeritus (PE) or Past President (PP), 275 points; Honorary Vice President (HVP) or ARRL Vice President (VP), 250 points; Director (DIR), Director Emeritus (DE), or Past Vice President (PVP), 225 points; Vice Director (VD), 200 points; Section Manager (SM), 175 points; ARRL officer (OFF) or Past Director (PD), 150 points, and Past Vice Director (PV), 125 points. W100AW, Charter Life Member (CLM), or Past Section Manager (PSM) contacts are worth 100 points.

ARRL Headquarters department managers (DM), 75 points; ARRL Headquarters staffers/volunteers, (HQ), 50 points; Assistant Director (AD), 40 points, and NCJ Editor and QST columnists, 30 points. 




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