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North American Collegiate Championship Expanded to NAQP RTTY


The Society of Midwest Contesters (SMC) has announced an expansion of the North American Collegiate Championship (NACC), which takes place in conjunction with the North American QSO Party (NAQP). The inaugural event last January only covered the NAQP SSB event. This year, the NACC will also cover the NAQP RTTY event. NCJ (National Contest Journal) sponsors the NAQPs. The NAQP SSB runs from 1800 UTC on January 19 to 0600 UTC on January 20, 2019. The NAQP RTTY runs 1800 UTC on February 23 to 0600 UTC on February 24. The NACC format is generally the same as those for the NAQP, but there are some differences.

This is an opportunity for your college club station to compete with any college and university in North America,” the SMC said in announcing the 2019 running of the NACC. “You can take on your state or conference rivals. With planning and practice, it is possible to win a national championship.” NACC stations can follow the action on a real-time online scoreboard. Participants must register college/university and call sign. Once registered stations will receive instructions on how to set up, which includes inserting and activating a link in the participating stations contest logging software.

Collegiate stations will use their college club call signs, and the station must be located on the school’s physical campus. The NAQPs impose a 100 W power limit. All operators must be enrolled students and club members. The exchange for the NAQPs is name and state/province/North American country, and participants may use any name associated with the school, which must remain the same for the entire event.

The College Contest Class will be multioperator, single radio (M1). Stations may use assistance similar to the M2 class and will submit logs in the M2 class via the NAQP log submission page. NCJ will publish college stations in their own class. Awards will be based on the adjudicated logs and not the online finish. Participants may operate the entire 12 hours of the contest.

Awards will be given out for National Champion, Runner-up, and State Champions. Awards will be sponsored by SMC, NCJ, and Icom.

For more information, contact Craig Thompson, K9CT.



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