Northernmost Reverse Beacon Net Node in Europe Launched


Thanks to a grant from the Yasme Foundation, the northernmost Reverse Beacon Net (RBN) node in Europe went online on December 22. It was made possible by a Yasme Foundation initiative to provide additional Reverse Beacon Network nodes in underserved areas.

The latest node to become active is hosted by Radio Arcala, OH8X, very close to the Lapland Region. At and above the Arctic Circle during hours of darkness, polar path propagation offers a footprint covering all of North America for many hours, even for stations within the auroral oval, and stations in the far north have been able to take advantage. The OH8X RBN node would further help the study of the polar path mode, in which Radio Arcala will be cooperating with the northern scientific community.

The RBN node receiver is currently located at the Radio Arcala station, OH8X, at 65-11-03N and 26-14-53E, but may later be moved even farther north to be into the heart of the auroral region of the Arctic Circle. — Thanks to Radio Arcala 



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